Access for All to the Arts at Avoca Theatre

We need your help to get a grant to build new toilets including accessible facilities.

Why do we need new toilet facilities?

The Theatre is nearing 70 years old and it’s certainly time to bring our toilets into the 21st Century. New modern toilet facilities will enhance the whole community’s involvement with the arts, cultural and social activities centred in Avoca Beach, encouraging greater inclusiveness. We’ll all benefit from greater accessibility.

What will be provided?

 We are planning to provide new, modern toilet amenities featuring accessible toilets catering for people of diverse physical needs and enhancing community member’s experience. The new facilities will include separate Ladies, Gents & Accessible disabled toilet where the existing candybar is. All this will be made possible through the NSW My Community Project Grants.

How can I help?

These grant are allocated through popular vote via the NSW My Community Project Grants.

To enable this upgrade please Vote 1 for Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. If you live in the State Electorate of Terrigal you are eligible to vote for us. This electorate runs from Forresters Beach south to Killcare and west to Bensville & Erina.

You can vote for us online by visiting the link below on our website or at any Service NSW office. If you live outside this electorate you are ineligible to vote for us – but please encourage your friends living in the area to Vote 1 for acess for all to toilets at Avoca Theatre.

Voting is done through Service NSW. You can vote online or at any Service NSW office


Voting closes on 15th August

 How to vote

1. Go to Service NSW Community Grant website at the NSW Community Grant Website

2. If you have an existing Service NSW account just Login using your usual details.

3. If you don’t have an existing account please make one by clicking Sign Up

4. Once you are logged in select your electorate ie Terrigal (Please note that you can only vote once.)

5. Browse and the projects and shortlist the Access for All to the Arts at Avoca Theatre project. You also need to select 2 other projects.

6. Go to your shortlist and arrange the order so to ensure Access for All to the Arts at Avoca Theatre project it is listed as number 1. For the other 2 projects mark these number 2 and 3)

NOTE: You’ll need your Medicare card to shortlist projects.

7. Submit your vote please ensure that the Access for All to the Arts at Avoca Theatre are listed as number 1 on you voting list.

If you have any questions just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

How-to Vote