Bollywood Night

Friday 4th January at 7:30 pm | $34.90
Genre: Drama ,Musical ,Romance | Rated: M

A balmy evening, exotic spices, vibrant colour, a nation full of life! Extraordinary, enticing India! Indian nibbles & drinks before an authentic and dynamic live Indian dance show with the Bollywood Sensations!

Our exotic Indian film RAM LEELA is a veritable feast for all senses – visually opulent, proudly melodramatic! This Bollywood story styled on the most famous of love stories – Romeo and Juliet. Ram is a colourful, charming vagabond. Leela an unbridled and passionate woman. What do they have in common?

For 500 years their families have been sworn enemies. When Ram and Leela see each other for the first time, their worlds collide! What will happen when they declare their love to the world? Will their families relent or will Ram and Leela carve their own destiny? Set against a magnificent musical backdrop, Ram and Leela fight the world to live their dream.

RAM LEELA is a riot of colour, dance, music and mayhem, so compelling – the spectacular large-scale dance numbers are beautifully and imaginatively staged! So much fun!