Director: N/A,

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Genre: Documentary | Rating:

Runtime: 120 Minutes

JACK BRABHAM is an iconic Australian legend. BRABHAM is the tale of his racing dynasty & the price of immortality, revealing the inside story icon of his Formula 1 career, which ended almost 50 years ago.

Taking on the giants of Ferrari, Lotus & Maserati, he’s the only driver to win a The World Formula 1 Championship in a vehicle of his own creation – and he did it three times!
This is a brilliant piece of film-making, made within the constraints of the archival footage available. BRABHAM looks at the effect that Jack’s single-minded determination had on his life & relationships, particularly with son David, who continues the Brabham dynasty with his own venture into the cutthroat world of championship racing. Fri 20th Dec 7pm, tickets $15ea

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