French Night

Friday 11th January at 7:30 pm | $34.90
Director: Laurent Tirard
Genre: Comedy, History | Rated: M

The very word France conjures thoughts of great food, wine and love! And that is just what our French Soiree is all about!

With French canapes and wine before the sultry voice of Lana Nesnas brings the music of France to life before our eyes and ears! This passionate songstress is well known for her musical stage tours and tonight is accompanied by Rodric White, an aficionado of all things French and music!

Full to the brim with Gallic charm, RETURN OF THE HERO is an engaging farce with unexpected emotional depth. Very funny moments punctuated with keen observations of human nature. The returning hero is played by Jean Dujardin (Oscar winner – The Artist), a deserter now grubby & fallen from grace.

Dujardin is in very good form rivalling his partner in deception played by Mélanie Laurent who is at times delightfully dry, at others quite ebullient. Perfect role with her intelligence, beauty & impeccably timed comedic delivery. This period comedy is a pleasure to watch – and oh so relevant!