Italian Night

Friday 28th December at 7:30 pm | $34.90
Genre: Comedy | Rated: M

Amongst our most popular events is our ITALIAN NIGHT! Enjoy Italian antipasto and wine before live entertainment and a very funny romantic comedy PUT NONNA IN THE FREEZER.

Nadia Piave & friend take us on a musical Roman holiday with songs that conjure an Italian Summer with the unashamedly lovely and sweet songs of Lucio Batti, an Italian icon.

Then the hit romantic comedy PUT NONNA IN THE FREEZER! Claudia asks ‘Is it acceptable to swindle the state when the state swindles you?’  

When her grandmother suddenly dies, bankruptcy looms, so Claudia “freezes” her grandma so she can continue to collect her pension. Enter the most incorruptible – and clumsiest – officer in the Tax Police. Amidst romance, ingenious deceptions & disguises, Claudia’ scam begins to melt like a frozen grandmother in the sun.

The hit of Italy and the Italian Film Festival!