Director: Julien Faraut

Genre: Documentary | Rating: M

Using a trove of footage from the eighties, Julien Faraut’s doco shows John McEnroe battling his opponents and, above all, himself.

Narrated by Mathieu Amalric, JOHN MCENROE: IN THE REALM OF PERFECTION revisits the rich bounty of 16-mm-shot footage of the left-handed tennis star John McEnroe, at the time he was the world's top-ranked player, as he competes in the French Open in 1984.

Close-ups and slow motion sequences of McEnroe competing, highlight a "man who played on the edge of his senses." Far from a traditional documentary, Faraut probes the archival film to unpack both McEnroe's attention to the sport, creating a lively and immersive look at a driven athlete, a study on the sport of tennis and the human body and movement, and finally how these all intersect with cinema itself.

Here’s what people have said about JOHN MCENROE: IN THE REALM OF PERFECTION:

‘This is a sports documentary unlike any other, a beguiling and delightful piece of visionary non-fiction that uses its namesake to investigate the ontological nature of watching tennis.”

“..proving that sport itself can be fundamentally cinematic and ripe with psychological drama when documented in a manner outside of the traditional systems designed for live or television viewing.”

“Regardless of his enemy, the main event was McEnroe vs. McEnroe, in an unresolvable tiebreak of body and soul. There had been nothing like it, on public view, since the heyday of James Dean.”

“ times the film feels like every character in a Wes Anderson movie got up and made a documentary on tennis.”

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