Director: Santiago Segura

Genre: Comedy | Rating: MA15+

Spanish Night at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre with Spanish tapas & chilled sangria.

And then... live on our stage two of the best Flamenco guitarists you will ever hear... Damian Wright & Paco Lara.

The evening concludes with the film No Filter!

In the real world, we can rarely express exactly how we feel. Generally, we have to consider things like other people’s emotions before we go off running our mouths. But sometimes being overly considerate can take an unwanted emotional toll on our own psyches, especially when it involves letting other people walk all over you.

Santiago Segura, the Spanish superstar comic, tackles this conundrum in the witty and wonderful No Filter. His new film’s premise is pretty straightforward: a nice, excessively passive woman beaten down by the world suddenly loses all of her filters and unleashes her fury on everyone.

It stars Spanish A-lister Maribel Verdú (Y Tu Mama Tambien 2001) as Paz, a woman dealing dutifully with a boss who humiliates her, a husband who ignores her, a stepson who doesn’t respect her, and a best friend who doesn’t listen to her. She seeks help from a spiritual healer, but when his herb remedy turns her into an unstoppable truth machine she must learn to strike that delicate balance between pleasing others and taking care of herself.

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